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Trip Plabuk Haatyai 19-20 Feb 2011

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Excellent action is the theme of Hat Yai Fishing Sport
- a destination that offers a thrill and challenge
for both novice and very experienced anglers!

At an area of only 6,400 square meters, Hat Yai Fishing Sport
is relatively small in size but contains an impressively large amount
of heavyweights swimming around in the water.

These "kilo-packed" species include: Giant Mekong Catfish,
Giant Catfish, Striped Catfish, Spotted Featherback,
Jullien's Golden Price Carp, Rohu, Common Carp,
Tilapia, Silver Barb and Siamese Giant Carp.

Giant Mekong Catfish are the specialty of this park
with this lake being home to an incredible amount
of these brutes that top the scale at 30 kg.

Recent catch reports show that an impressive 180 kg
was landed in one session by a single angler.
The limited size of the lake makes it possible to fish
with light tackle and still have a good chance to land
some of these extremely powerful fish.

The best fishing in this park is to be had
during the late afternoon and evening.

For the adventurous angler, this park offers the opportunity
to target Spotted Featherback on fly fishing equipment,
where a spectacular battle is guarantee
with long runs and tail walks on the surface.

Please note that fly fishing equipment is not provided
and you should therefore bring along your own equipment and flies.

The park's friendly staff is always ready to meet your demands
regarding everything from your target fish,
technique and bait, to your own food and drinks.

The menu in the park's restaurant mainly consists of Thai
and Chinese dishes but the chef is eager to please
and places the customer's wishes much higher
than the contents of the menu!

Fishing tackle such as floats, hooks, line, sinkers, etc.
are for sale at the park's tackle shop.

Thai Fishing Guide offers tour packages to this destination
with or without accommodation in Hat Yai or the surrounding area.

Minta maaf sebahagian atikel di atas cakap orang putih...

TARIKH : 19-20 FEB 2011
KOS : RM+-200 SORANG.(Bermalam Di Hatyai)
TARGET : merendam umpan
Dapat: Sakit Pinggang

2.Paksu Perda
4.Wan Kertang

Sabtu 19.02.2011

Trip ini berlangsung secara live di tv 9 siam pya tv
penulis dan rakan pemancing bertolak dari penang pada pukul 9 pagi
sepanjang perjalanan mamat asik bertanya penulis adakah reel nya bakal terkeluar spoon..
Target Trip
Trip ni penulis telah setkan target iaitu kita main Drag kunci Habis dan Jackpot ikan terbanyak

Hasil Tangkapan
mengikut pengiraan penulis lebih kurang 28 ekor Plabuk berjaya di naikkan hari ini
Yang Paling besar 34kg

Ahad 20.02.2011
Setelah check out dari hotel berdekat haayai kami berempat telah mengunjungi semula kolam tersebut

mengikut pengiraan penulis lebih kurang 20 ekor Plabuk berjaya di naikkan hari ini
Yang Paling besar 25kg
ikan agak kurang pada hari ahad kemungkinan hari sabtu banyak ikan plabuk sakit mulut kot,tertapi penulis galakan para pemancing memancing pada hari sabtu

Bersambung nanti

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